Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas to all you garden bloggers out there and thanks for stopping by at ernie and i this year. There are still some surprising things happening in my garden on Christmas Day. An iris that didn't flower in the summer is now trying to flower - I don't think it will quite manage it but I could be wrong. My Hydrangeas still have a bit of colour - I've seen some locally that look wonderful. Today on a walk along Eastbourne seafront we marvelled at some Agapanthus in full flower. I think the hundreds of people strolling along listening to the band playing carols were fairly oblivious to this floral anomaly. Perhaps most surprising of all however is my nextdoor neighbour's show of daffodils, which have been in flower now for about two weeks. Most bizarre, and a bit of a shame really as they won't be there in Spring.

This fellow has left it a bit late...

Good old Cyclamen never disappoint

I like the faded tints on this hydrangea

This chappy is still busy on Christmas morning, taking some
Hellebore pollen back for a festive feast

My Marguerites are still flowering - despite not being deadheaded for quite a while!

My Arctotis are still going strong, that's at least 7 months of flowering!

Nextdoor's Daffs - how bizarre!

Eastbourne December 25th 2011. Agapanthus in flower.