Sunday, 15 January 2012

Wakehurst Take Two!

After being drenched at Wakehurst Place two weeks ago (see last post) we chose a much better day to visit today - the sun was shining and it wasn't too cold either. The gardens were busy, many admiring the display of cyclamen near the entrance:

A few early rhododendrons were making an effort:

And camellias were looking good:

This hardy little fellow was taking afternoon tea in the sunshine:

Daphnes were also in bloom, but photographs don't do them justice, the scent is sublime. Hence my special scratch and sniff photo below - try it, it really works!!!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Wakehurst Washout!

My first garden visit of 2012 was not a success. Like everywhere else in the South of England yesterday, it poured at Wakehurst Place. Never mind, we weren't feeling very energetic, so we made a beeline for the restaurant, where a tasty lunch was consumed. There were quite a few people braving the elements and touring the gardens, but my shoes are just not up to it - must invest in some decent wet-weather footwear. Looking ahead to later in the year, I am excited about a week's trip to Cornwall in early April. I've been several times in Spring and there's so much to see, but I haven't been since starting this blog, so I am looking forward to taking some good pictures and sharing them here.

Happy gardening and garden visiting in 2012. Say hello if you see me - I'll be the one with scone crumbs all round my mouth!