Monday, 27 December 2010

In praise of Erysimum

I think Erysimum are the bees knees when it comes to long lasting colour. I use them all around my garden to ensure there's interest from March to November. It's unbelievable how this plant just keeps on flowering - and it loves my chalky soil - if you can call it soil! Some of my specimens are looking a little bedraggled after the heavy frosts we've had, so I'm going to replace them in March or April. Mum has had great success with cuttings, so I'll see if she has any going spare before I fill a trolley with some. Here are some photos from the summer to show how I use Erysimum - mostly 'Bowles Mauve'.

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  1. Hi Martin, Lovely blog and see you that you are a fan of Sussex Prairies ... like me! Have you thought about joining Blotanical?? Lots of gardening bloggers under one roof! Best, Charlotte