Monday, 2 January 2012

Wakehurst Washout!

My first garden visit of 2012 was not a success. Like everywhere else in the South of England yesterday, it poured at Wakehurst Place. Never mind, we weren't feeling very energetic, so we made a beeline for the restaurant, where a tasty lunch was consumed. There were quite a few people braving the elements and touring the gardens, but my shoes are just not up to it - must invest in some decent wet-weather footwear. Looking ahead to later in the year, I am excited about a week's trip to Cornwall in early April. I've been several times in Spring and there's so much to see, but I haven't been since starting this blog, so I am looking forward to taking some good pictures and sharing them here.

Happy gardening and garden visiting in 2012. Say hello if you see me - I'll be the one with scone crumbs all round my mouth!


  1. Martin, too bad that the weather was not cooperating at the time of your visit at Wakehurst Place! I am already looking forward to seeing photos from your trip to Cornwall. Wishing you happy gardening and many garden visits in 2012, as well. Oh gosh, how much I will miss the open gardens and including teas and scones in England this year, sigh... This is a culture that urgently needs to be established in the USA, too.

  2. Hi Christina. Ah, but if the USA got in on the act England wouldn't be unique and then you wouldn't want to come again! And I might not want to come to the USA again if it got too much like England! You'll just have to book your next trip!

  3. You need to have some posh wellies in tow next time, just in case it gets rainy again. And you might need it in Cornwall too as it can get very there as well.

    Looking forward to seeing photos of your Cornish trip, a place we absolutely adore :)

  4. Martin,

    Sorry about the washout! I'm thinking of visiting England for the Chelsea Flower Show in May. Do you plan to attend?


  5. Mark and Gaz, yes I'll get saving for the wellies. I'm just so not a welly person though. I guess I'll get used to them...

    Michael - Don't come all this way just for the show! But if you're around I'm sure it will be spectacular but I've never been. I'd like to go but as a teacher I can't take time off, and I don't fancy going on the Saturday. Next year I am working part time so I will definitely go, and make use of my RHS membership. But to be honest, the BBC coverage (available on their website) is excellent and you probably see more that way. It's not the same as being there in terms of excitement/atmosphere though. Hope you enjoy it if you do go!