Monday, 13 February 2012

Rosemoor in February

I've just returned from a lovely weekend in Devon, and I made sure I found time to visit Rosemoor, one of the four RHS gardens. Known for its winter garden, I was not disappointed. I've actually visited in February before, but this visit was enhanced by a fantastic sculpture trail, which I'll feature in my next post.

This 65 acre garden was first opened to the public in 1967, when it was just 8 acres. It was given to the RHS in 1988, together with additional land. Although not as large as Wisley in Surrey, Rosemoor has its own special atmosphere, flowing beautifully from one area to the next.

There's plenty of winter strucure

Everything is so pristine at Rosemoor

Hellebores and snowdrops are looking good:

This little robin was taking in the views:


  1. We'll be visiting Devon again soon and Rosemoor is a candidate for a visit this time. Might as well use our RHS membership on another of their gardens (so far we've only seen Wisley). Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Martin, what a treat to see a meticulously maintained public English Garden on a dull California winter day (yes, we have that here, too ;-))! I love gardens that offer something interesting to look at no matter what is the season, and obviously this garden succeeded very much in that. To me this is an art, that I try to learn more about. The robin is quite cute, but looks as it feels somewhat cold to me. We had robins in Germany, too, and I miss them. Thanks for sharing your visit to Rosemoor on your blog!

  3. Hello, I enjoy your blog and have nominated it for the "Liebster blog" award. See my latest post ( for details.

  4. M & G, it's well worth a visit and there are plenty of other lovely gardens in Devon, some of which are free to RHS members.

    Christina, dull in California? I don't believe it! The sun was always shining on Hart to Hart at least...
    Yes winter structure is an art, I admire those who achieve it. Robbie the Robin was not cold at all, he had his best feathery jacket on.

    Thanks Spurge, that is a nice compliment!

  5. Martin,

    This garden looks beautiful. I can't wait to visit England again someday, there are so many gardens I have to see there! I envy English gardens! Jeannine

  6. I love winter tours, you can really see the shapes and structure before the planting hides them. And snowdrops and helleborus are pretty wonderful as well.