Sunday, 11 March 2012

First Day of Gardening!

I've come out of hibernation at last, and spent the day gardening in beautiful sunshine. I haven't even really looked at the garden until today, I find it quite daunting when there's so much to do. The borders are still too wet to trample over, but I was able to tackle a few pruning jobs. A couple of over-sized buddleias met the enthusiasm of my new electric saw:

Now you see it...

Now you don't!
 Having left seedheads on my perennials over the winter, today was their annual haircut:
Sedums are cut back to the new growth

These Kniphofia are looking rather bedraggled
Here I have pulled out some of the dead growth and trimmed the leaves.
They should look good in a couple of
months, and believe it or not they flower their socks off.

This Pampas always looks a mess after winter.
That's a bit better....
I am pleased to see new growth on my Cephalaria:

Stipa tenuissima have made it through winter unscathed:

Hopefully next weekend will be fine too, so I can carry on with all the jobs
that need doing. Hope you've had fun in your garden this weekend too!


  1. Hi Martin, looks like you got quite a bit of gardening done. That must feel very good, especially when you haven't been out there for a while. I felt quite overwhelmed this year when it came to prune the roses and clean-up the garden, but just focusing on the job at hand and not thinking about the task as a whole helped at lot. I still have a quite a bit to do, but it looks already so much better and the roses are starting to grow like crazy.

  2. It was a glorious weekend, so sunny and felt warm. Job well done on the pruning and tidying up!