Wednesday, 5 September 2012


September is not usually the month I look forward to, as it's the month I've always had to go 'back to school', first as a pupil then for 18 years as a teacher. This September is different, however. It marks the start of a new adventure for me, as I am now only teaching two days per week. And the difference it is making already to my stress levels is huuuuge! How lovely to come home on a Friday evening, cast off my tie, and think that I don't have to wear a suit again until the following Thursday! So what will I be doing in between? A little more gardening, some composing, some socialising, and some domestic chores which seem exciting in week one but possibly won't by December....

The other reason for this being my best ever September is that the garden is still looking good, after a pretty wet summer. Sweet peas are still coming thick and fast:

Rosa 'Lucy' was given to me by a girl in my class called.... Lucy!

This geranium is a lovely shade of pink, not quite captured here.

This Verbena bonariensis seeded itself in this pot.

I like this border for its foliage. Origanum flowers in the distance.

This Gallardia still wants to entertain with more flowers.

An unusual Clematis which does not climb.

The 'Middle Garden', so named because I can't think of a better one...

Picked this lovely grass at Marchants, home of plant genius Graham Gough

Aquilegias by the pond, building energy for next year.

Stipa gigantea still looking glorious.

Antirhinnums with Sedums in the background

Rudbeckias making a naughty but nice clash with Cosmos

My self-seeded fennel is eight feet tall now!

Echinacea, Sedum, Campanula in the distance in their second flush.

Mum's Cosmos has finally taken off.

How could anyone not love Dahlias?!

The Summer Garden in September

Stipa tenuissima has adopted a punk hairdo!

 I hope you are all having as good a September as I am. Ta-ta for now.


  1. Lovely garden. I'm so happy for you that you now have more time to enjoy it.

  2. Hi Martin, September is proving to be better than the Summer months up here in Aberdeen, it was 80f on Saturday. Your middle garden and all the rest is looking really good and so much more colourful than ours. Mums Cosmos is marvellous, looking like a multi coloured venus fly trap of some sort.

  3. Nice to hear you are enjoying some decent weather up there, Alistair!