Sunday, 14 October 2012

Autumn blooms

There are still plenty of flowers in my garden in mid October. Unbelievably, my sweet peas are still going for it, without a break since June. Surely they must be exhausted by now!

This Scaevola is happy in its pot.

Another pot-grown specimen, a rather saucy dahlia.

Arctotis compete with sweet peas for 'Longest Season' Award.

I was surprised to see this poppy re-flower after a trim down to the base in August.

Schizostylis, now called Hesperantha, flower until Christmas.

Large Dahlias peep up behind Asters.

A closer look at this Dahlia. I have three of this variety, and leave them in the ground every winter.

This Dahlia has been terrific this year.

We've made use of an awkward space by growing Dahlias behind the greenhouse.

Looking down on the Summer Garden

I like the leaves of this pelargonium more than the flowers.

But there are more flowers to come. Let's hope Jack Frost doesn't visit too soon...


  1. The garden is looking lovely Martin and you have so many nice blooms! Most of them will continue flowering until the first hard frosts, so hopefully you won't have one in your area too soon :)

  2. I like your dahlias behind the greenhouse what a good use of the space

  3. You certainly know how to get the best out of Sweet Peas Martin. Lots of other terrific blooms also. Thanks for the information on Schizostylis, I am having a job keeping up with these name changes.