Saturday, 29 December 2012

Most read posts

It always surprises me when I look at my blog stats to see what posts people read. Over the past couple of years I've been lucky enough to visit some amazing gardens, in Britain (across Cornwall, Devon, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire to name but a few), Italy, and Florida. But it's not necessarily these posts that get the most hits. By far the most popular post I've ever done is Cephalaria gigantea. If anyone can explain this to me I'd love to know as it's a very short, very dull post in my opinion! The only thing I can think of is that it gets google hits. Here's a few of my other posts which have amassed a large number of hits.
In second place, we have Villa Carlotta on Lake Como. This is one of the most amazing gardens I've ever visited so I can understand this. But in third place is Rodmell Open Gardens, a village not far from me that opens some of its gardens annually. The gardens are lovely, but I am puzzled as to why this post has been so popular. In 4th, 5th and 6th are more Italian gardens. 7th is Bosahan, a Cornish garden, but by no means the most well known. Perhaps bloggers click to find out out places they haven't heard of to learn more about them, which is great. In 8th place is a post about my Mum's garden. 9th is a post about square cucumbers and in 10th place is another Italian garden.

Of course, now that I have linked to these more popular posts, there's a good chance they will get more visits. And like me, you may wonder why some people bothered! Perhaps it's the titles that lure people and then they visit the post and are disappointed! Anyhow, next time I'll look back at three posts which I've been pleased with but nobody else seems to have been interested in!!!


  1. Hi Martin, blog statistics can be quite interesting, can't they? I am off to check out your most visited post, I don't even know what kind of plant that is, so I am curious! Looking forward to read about YOUR favorite posts next time!

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  3. I can never quite understand why some posts get more comments than others, but have found that anything with tomato or sweetpea in the title seem to get lots of hits, but trying to figure out what the stats reveal remains a mystery to me.

    1. Perhaps I should call each post 'tomato sweetpea tomato'?!