Thursday, 24 February 2011

Carpets of Snow

I enjoyed a visit to Pembury House in Clayton, Sussex today, open for the NGS. The gardens are known for their winter interest, but it is clear from the emerging shoots that they must be pretty splendid all year round. The garden is around two acres, mostly open with trees and large swathes of planting, and lovely views across Sussex. My favourite part of the garden was closer to the house, where a series of intimate areas have been created, also planted with lots of snowdrops and hellebores. Also took the opportunity to pop into Rushfields Plant Centre at Poynings, just north of Brighton, to check out the plants...and the cheese scones...yum!


  1. lovely swaths of flowers in the woods...

  2. I think that's when snowdrops look their best, in drifts and swathes rather than displayed individually.

    The last photo's a creative way of displaying various hellebore flowers :)

  3. Beautiful, I'm enjoying spring virtually for the moment. We once had friends to dinner and she brought hellebores from her garden. I was horrified as she snipped the flowers off but delighted when she filled a bowl for the table and we enjoyed them for days. Perfect way to see the intricacy of the flowers.

  4. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!

    I love how the crocus are coming through the ferns... I have a little of that, but everything will need more time to fill in first.