Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Last of the Leeks!

I'm not a great vegetable gardener, but I do like to get some leek seeds started about now. How wonderful that the seeds I planted 12 months ago are still giving me a harvest. Today I arrived home from work with a little daylight to spare, so I popped up to the veg coffin (only after building the raised bed did I realise it looked just like a coffin!) to pull up some tasty leeks.

 Once cleaned and chopped I put them in a pan with some garam masala. Next I added some veg stock, sweet potatoes and lentils.

After 20 minutes it all got whizzed with my magic wand (hand blender), seasoned, then.....mmmm, ready to eat!

And just a curiosity for you to end with - about a month ago I pulled some leeks, and rather lazily chucked the roots into a pot with just soil in it. Bizarrely, they have rooted and are now trying to grow into new plants!


  1. Please post a picture of the coffin.

  2. I found your blog! Sorry I have forgotten your blog name. Thank you for becoming a follower in my blog. I see that you are a good cook too!

  3. Martin, talk about green fingers!

  4. Sounds lovely.
    H and I will be round....