Monday, 25 July 2011

Seaford in Bloom

I love my home town of Seaford, even though most people have either never heard of it or just drive though it without stopping. It has a four mile stretch of pebble beach, a bustling town centre and is only 9 miles from Brighton. It also has lots of garden lovers, as I discovered last week at the Seaford Open Gardens event. All ten gardens were beautiful in their own way. Some were crammed with summer bedding, which although not my cup of tea certainly wows with colour. Some came with interesting stories attached, like the town centre house which was built for a town official who also ran a smuggling ring and had tunnels built from the property to various venues in the town. Luckily we don't have corrupt politicians anymore....Here come the snaps:

I also took time to pop in to Crouch Gardens in the centre of Seaford, to see the new 'Quaker Garden' which was opened by Sheila Hancock. It's a small space but very peaceful and very tastefully planted.


  1. Lovely gardens! Isn't it great when you discover so much so close.

  2. Lovely gardens Martin, and good to see a little insight of what's to see in your town. The 'Quaker Garden' looks fab, very contemporary and love the sculpture :)

  3. Hi Mark and Gaz, I live in Seaford too but I have to hang my head in shame. I didn't visit one garden. Not one - disgraceful.

    I think we have a similar garden to you and seeing how we've barely touched it since moving in in Sept 2010, I may need some tips on how to proceed.


  4. Hi Dave, Martin in Seaford here! I'd be happy to offer any tips I can - I'm not trained but I have been gardening in Seaford for 10 years so I know what grows well. Get out there and get gardening!

  5. My husband and I just spent two weeks of vacation in West and East Sussex (we live in San Diego, California) and looking at your post brings back wonderful memories to me. We visited as many private and public gardens as we could and enjoyed it very much. The photos of the Open Gardens in Seaford are just lovely! I so admire the work that you British people put in building the beautiful walls that you surround your gardens with. They add so much charm to a garden!

  6. Sorry, I meant Martin - oops! (It's my age).