Sunday, 16 October 2011

Time to Tidy

Saturday afternoon was spent tidying up around the garden. Lavender was cut back, the greenhouse was cleared of weary tomato plants, then cleaned, and dahlias were deadheaded. I also planted a dozen foxgloves in a tricky area of dry shade - fingers crossed! Sunday was meant to be part two of the tidy up, but the weather was so lovely, and the sea, which I can see from my sofa here, was looking so beautiful that a walk seemed in order. Sitting on the beach with a flask of coffee on a Sunday morning with a warm October sun on your face - does life get better than this?


  1. Martin, sounds like the right decision to take a walk at the beach rather than tidying up the garden the second day in a row on the weekend. It is amazing to me how empty the beach is. It looks like there is not a single other soul, besides you. Lucky you that you live so close by the sea! I am glad you took the time to enjoy it!

  2. Looks fabulous Martin! October has been great so far, especially last weekend and the week before, and your photo is a testament to that :)

    I'm envious you live so near the sea!

  3. Beautiful!!

    Did you buy the foxgloves or did you grow them yourself? I'd really like to have some in my garden, but had been leaving everything until spring, but maybe if they're available this would be a better time to pop them in?