Monday, 3 October 2011

October Heat at Wisley

Well who'd have thought it?! My last visit to Wisley (read here) in June was all about dodging storms, and now here we are in October dodging sunstroke! This weekend's glorious weather certainly brought everyone out and about, I've never seen Wisley so busy - lots of families too, which is great, as long as the kids stay off the borders! How the gardeners at Wisley keep the interest going throughout the year is a constant source of amazement to me - every month of the year seems to be the best time to visit!

The summer borders are at the height of their powers:

The Glasshouse had some unusual offerings:

Coleus - now called Solenostemon

Calliandra selloi

Brugmansia x candida

And here are some other shots of the garden:

This cheeky heron wasn't perturbed by onlookers!

The delicate autumn crocus


  1. How would I love to see Wisley with my own eyes, but for today I am happy to get a glimps of it through your lens, Martin! The plant combinations in the borders are quite impressive. Calliandra selloi is a plant that I have not seen so far and I love the fine leaves and the flowers (or is it seed heads?). It is always fun to meet a new plant. Thanks for the tour through Wisley, I enjoyed it a lot!

  2. How beautiful. The Autumn crocus are so pretty in the grass. Fall blooming Asters and other flowers fill the beds. I would love walking amongst them. So glad you are having such wonderful warm weather. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  3. Thank you for sharing, I have only been to Wisley once and it was in May so it was nice to see it at this time of year.
    I didnt know that Coleus had changed its name

  4. Great shots at Wisley Martin. I have seen that darned Heron before, he keeps eating my fish.

  5. OGD, the Calliandra selloi was in flower - so delicate they look like they could blow away like dandelions.
    Lona - the weather is now back to normal!
    PG - it's been reclassified but you'll still see them sold as coleus.
    Alistair - don't worry, after I took this photo I shot the bu**er!