Friday, 4 November 2011

My Garden in November

I love winter gardens, but a winter garden mine is not. But it's surprising how many flowers are still going strong, mainly thanks to a mild Autumn and a fair amount of rain.

Good old Crysanths never disappoint. Time to divide this one.

A Gaura coming into its own.

Sedum and Stipa tenuissima

My globe thistles are enjoying a second flowering

A lovely Cosmos grown from seed by my mum.

Lantana - always reminds me of Spain. Oh to feel the warmth of the Spanish sun...

This is my last sweet pea flower. They began flowering in June.

An Aeonium looks fondly down at an Iris.


  1. It is amazing how many plants are reflowering due to the mild autumn. It would be nice to have a mild winter after the last two years

  2. Martin, your garden looks very beautiful this autumn! I love the delicate gaura flowers and the cosmos. I can't believe that you still have a sweet pea blooming at this time of the year! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Martin, your garden looks lovely at this time of the year. All those blooms makes it look like its midsummer rather than autumn :)

  4. Great blooms in your garden at this time of year Martin, I am surprised to see the Gaura look so good.
    I am adding a picture of your garden and a link to your blog on my (Your Gardens page.) I will of course remove it if you don't want it. alistair