Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sheffield Park in Late Autumn

My favourite time to visit Sheffield Park, in East Sussex, is at Rhododendron time. However, Autumn is a close second. The colours reflect beautifully in the lakes, giving you two trees for the price of one! I have heard that it has not been the best year for Autumn colour around these parts. That was certainly borne out by my visit yesterday, although it is the end of Autumn. Acers were standing knee deep in their own russet confetti, and the gentians must have been a picture a few weeks ago. Luckily it was a still day so the reflections in the lake were undisturbed, and I was able to take a few decent pictures:

Getting ready for a Winter sleep: Gunnera, or as my mother-in-law
calls them (accidentally) Gonhorrea!


  1. "SEASON of mists and mellow fruitfulness," indeed. Lovely photos: they set a mood perfectly.

    However, please tell your MIL that someone in California will in future never refer to that plant as anything other than Gonhorrhea. See what she's started? ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing this Martin! Blog posts like this I especially appreciate this time as we don't have much time lately to have days outs, and missing out a bit on autumn colours of various public gardens.

    Gonorrhoea plant....that made me laugh so early on a Monday!!! Clap clap! LOL!

  3. Martin, these are stunning autumn photos of Sheffield Park. I love the reflections of the trees in the lake. So calm, so peaceful! True the gunnera looks a little bit tatty by now, but it is still impressive. Inspired by the gunneras that I saw in England on our trip a couple of years ago I tried to grow one in my own garden here in Southern California, but unfortunately it died little by little until it was gone. Later I have been told gunneras hate our alkaline soil and water. I am still sad that I lost it, sigh...

  4. Your post made me SO homesick for Sussex by the Sea!!!! I cannot count the number of walks I've done with my two little boys around Sheffield Park. That coupled with a ride on the Bluebell Railway.....and those autumn colours ... only in England. Thanks so much. x

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