Saturday, 21 April 2012

Cornwall Day Three - Carwinion

This was my first visit to Carwinion. Initially I did not have high hopes, but it's one of those gardens that just gets better and better the further you explore. The first area is dedicated to a bamboo collection, with over 200 species.

Some of the bamboo had been planted in circles to allow you to stand in the centre in a bamboo 'cage', or with walkways between. Just when I thought we'd seen everything a pathway opened up which led to a woodland walk, covering some 14 acres. This tree was plastered in lichen, which apparently is a sign of good air:

A boggy area has been planted with Gunnera:

When I took the next photo, I actually didn't see the little critter attached to the Gunnera leaf!

I seem to find it hard to photograph Camellias. I'm okay at close ups of the flowers, but the whole bush looks rather pathetic. It's frustrating because I am standing in front of a beautiful plant that I don't seem to be able to translate into an image. Perhaps the shiny leaves reflect light that detracts from the colours of the plant. I don't know - in any case, as if to prove the point, here's a Camellia that was a beautiful deep red colour in person. Honest!

And finally, another secret pathway shot!


  1. Hello Martin, Bamboo is one of things I would never request for my own garden. However, I do enjoy looking at it. You took a wonderful first photo of the bamboo. Just So Vertical!

    1. Bamboo wouldn't suit my garden either, but it makes for a stunning plant in the right location.