Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Cornwall Day Three - Trebah

Records of Trebah date back to the Doomsday survey of 1085, when it was the property of the Bishop of Exeter. For six centuries it passed by sale or marriage through many old, noteworthy Cornish families, including the Killigrews and the Nicholls. The surviving Georgian house at the head of the valley was built by the Nicholls in the 18th century and pre-dates the garden. The Ordnance Survey map of 1813 shows Trebah as being a wooded valley within which the garden was subsequently developed.

The wonderful garden to be enjoyed at Trebah today is the cumulative result of almost 200 years of horticultural endeavour.

This was my third visit to Trebah, and it still has that 'wow' effect. I sometimes moan about sowing biennials which won't flower until next year, but imagine planning a garden which would take over a hundred years to reach its zenith!

Some of the Rhododendrons were not yet in flower, but still impressive.

Fabulous foliage!

The house is not open to the public.

Magistic tree ferns

A jungle in....Cornwall

A magnificent magnolia

Another of my 'mystery path' shots

and another....

Looking up the valley to the house

The beach at the bottom of the garden

Gunnera Passage.

In summer you can wander beneath the giant leaves

An army of Gunnera aliens marching through the garden?

An inviting set of steps along the descending stream


  1. Trebah is one of our fave gardens in Cornwall, especially with the beach down at the bottom - although I wish they would make the steps onto the beach a little wider!

    1. I know what you mean about the steps. There's always a traffic jam at that point!

  2. So Beautiful! Excellent Photographs! I especially love the Tree Ferns. The Gunnera area was unbelievable. Thank you for another wonderful tour!

    1. You're welcome Lucy. The Gunnera forest has to be seen in summer for the full effect, something I haven't managed yet.

  3. I nominated your blog for The Versatile Blogger award. Here's some information:

    1. Thanks very much, Mary. Do you have a blog so I can thank you and add a link to it?