Monday, 25 June 2012


This Sunday ten gardens in Hurstpierpoint Village opened for charity. I love visiting open gardens when there are lots on offer within a fairly short distance of each other. However, I was too busy with work to go this weekend, but my mum and dad went, and took the following snaps.

Looks like there were some very nice gardens to enjoy - hopefully I'll make it myself next year. In the meantime, thanks for the piccies Mum! xxx


  1. Hi Martin, oh my gosh the photos from the Open Gardens in Hurstpierpoint make me longing to be back in England so badly. The gardens are stunning, well maintained and highly individual, as usual in Great Britain I might add. Too sad that you couldn't go yourself, but great that your parents took some pics! Thanks for the visual treat to you and your parents!

  2. Some lovely gardens there Martin, also love the way they've done the steps on the second to the last photo!

  3. Just the sort of garden which we love to visit. Weather here at the moment still more like that in late October.