Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Poppy Love

Poppies have been more than earning their keep in my garden this past month. I just love them! And they seem to love me back, thanks to my poor, chalky soil.

And even when the flowers have fallen, there's still beauty to be had in the seedheads:

What fantastic plants!


  1. Such beautiful colours - I especially love the first photograph, an amazing mix of purple shades.
    Your garden is looking really lovely.

  2. You certainly have wonderful color collection in there, though you lack the blue and deep purple. I've seen it in some blogs, although poppies don't grow with us in the hot tropics.

  3. I love poppies! Still find it fascinating how many varieties and colours of blooms are available out there. I could easily get into them, such rewarding and easy plants!

  4. Your poppies are just beautiful. I love the coral colored ones. I have no luck with seeding them but I keep trying. Stubborn that way. LOL! Have a wonderful week.