Sunday, 19 August 2012

Scary news!

Yes, the time has come for me to go public - or my garden, that is! Having enjoyed the Coastal Garden Trail recently (see below) I've decided to be a part of it next August. It's all in a good cause and it will make me really focus on sorting out some problem areas in my garden. It's quite daunting to think of strangers coming into my garden and judging it - and I know they will, I do it all the time when I visit gardens! I think like most things, art, music, etc, it's often down to personal taste. I've visited many gardens I would have planted or designed differently, but the point is they are made to suit the owners. What is the point in creating something for others to marvel at if you don't enjoy it yourself? So I will open my garden to show others what I have put much love and care into, and some will like it, others won't. C'est la vie!

Meanwhile, here are the last few gardens on the trail, all in Seaford.


  1. That's brilliant Martin. I am sure you will get great satisfaction. Even gardens that may not be exactly to my own taste, I always find that I enjoy thoroughly what's on offer.

  2. When the garden is made with love, and is loved--it is the love that shines far brighter than the plants. :)

  3. It's good that you are starting to think about it now, rather than next July. Have fun preparing for your big day.

    1. Thanks Mary, I hope to enjoy it and not get too stressed!

  4. Best of luck for next year Martin! The planting and sculpture in the gravel garden is fantastic.