Thursday, 26 May 2011

Lashings of Cream

This is Rosa 'Cream Abundance', pouring its heart out on my patio at the moment. Its friends are out in full force too.

Also abundant in the garden at the moment are peonies.

I'm very lucky to have a beautiful form of Aconite that freely self seeds around my cherry tree, Every year they just pop up. I'm not sure which variety they are, possibly 'Bressingham Beauty'. Perhaps someone out there knows!


  1. Charming flowers! They say no other plant can compete with a rose. I think that a peony flower is a good competotor to a rose bloom. Love your alliums too. Many of my plants are late due to the wet and cool winter, but alliums add the color to the garden.

  2. I love beautiful roses and yours are luscious. Here we have only rugosa roses and I must confess they do not do well at all. Our zone 4 garden in the middle of a meadow is too rough a neighborhood.I do have alliums. The critters don't seem to like those!

  3. Gorgeous flowers! Love the Cream Abundance, the name is appropriate, looks sinfully edible :)