Sunday, 15 May 2011

Wakehurst in May

A trip to Wakehurst Place today revealed that, like my garden, June has arrived a few weeks early! I would say most of the rhododendrons are just past their best, not that there aren't plenty to admire. Azaleas also seem to be going over. The treat for me, though, was the walled garden, which I've never seen looking better. Probably because Wakehurst is a garden I tend not to visit in June, when this part of the garden is probably intended to peak. I'm usually chasing roses at Mottisfont or Borde Hill (this year I shall be heading to Wisley to see the newly designed and planted Rose Garden).

Anyway, here are some pics of Wakehurst:


  1. Beautiful photos!
    Thank you:-)


  2. Wakehurst looks stunning Martin! We have an annual membership to Kew gardens and have been several times before but we've never ever been to Wakehurst, crackers really as it's free entry for us too. Must make an effort very soon....

  3. Some lovely colours in the pics there!

  4. Wakehurst does indeed look like a great place to spend an afternoon, Enjoyed your marvellous pictures.