Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Shhhh! Don't tell anyone....

In West Sussex there's a garden so lovely, so intimate and charming, but not everyone knows it's there. And that's one of my favourite things about the place! It's always so peaceful, and you are never tripping over others in an attempt to view the borders. This is partly because the gardens and parkland are large, but I can't help feeling more people should be there - a bit like Herstmonceux Castle in East Sussex if you know it - strangely undervisited. Of course I want the gardens to be busy so that they can earn money and stay beautiful, but there's something special about visiting a garden and feeling you're the only person there - you can even pretend it's your garden! Nymans, not too far away, is awash with colour in the summer but unless you are a professional photographer with an out-of-hours pass, your photos end up full of people not plants. So I urge you to keep it to yourself - Parham is a true gem of a garden - please don't visit, just send them some money so they stay open! And you can always enjoy these snaps of my visit on Sunday:

Could a September border be lovelier than this?

Are they humans at the end of that path? Get out!

Why don't I have a toad lily in my garden? Everyone should.

Highly toxic Aconitum

Chard looks too good to eat!

Pucker up, it's mistletoe time!

Is this a Salvia anyone?


  1. Martin, this is indeed a very lovely garden! The autumn borders are looking exquisite. I have never heard of Aconitum before, what an amazing shade of blue. When we were in West Sussex in June this year we visited Nymans, but missed Parham. So we were one of those people that didn't know. Therefore a special thanks for the wonderful garden tour today!

  2. Beautiful September borders Martin, and thank you for sharing this 'secret' place :)

  3. You're ok! Mum's the word...I won't say a word!!! x

  4. Oh Wow! This post made me SO homesick!! I live in South Africa now but for most of my life I lived in West Sussex. Nymans was a favourite but I never made it to this one and it is beautiful! You're right to keep it to yourself... x

  5. Well, I would definitely keep a place like this to myself also. Terrific pictures of the herbaceous borders. Certainly looks like a Salvia, but which one?

  6. Martin it looks incredible! I’m visiting the South East the week after next so will definitely swing by here.

  7. I had the pleasure of visiting Wisley in 2009 and could not believe the beauty there. England is a marvel of horticultural interest. http://ledgeandgardens.typepad.com/