Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Anglesey Abbey

Another National Trust treasure that we visited at half term was Anglesey Abbey. The now famous Winter Walk was looking good, and in a month's time it will be spectacular, with the perfume of viburnums and daphnes in the air. Of course looking good all year round are the silver birches. Cyclamen were also putting on a show.

This is a pretty old wisteria!

The dahlias were looking very uniform in their semicircular plot.

Here they are from the other side.

The house itself is fantastic, room after room crammed with the collections of its last private owner, the 1st Baron Fairhaven. The grounds are vast and there are many areas I haven't featured - we were keen not to miss the All Saints Day evensong at Kings College Cambridge!


  1. Hi Martin, there is something very special about this silver birch forest. So simple and so stunning! The drifts of naturalized (?) cyclamens look really great in the woods as well. The inside of the house might be fantastic, but the outside facade is not bad either ;-)! Thanks for doing this series of posts about the beautiful public gardens and manor houses of your lovely country. I enjoy them very much!

  2. Glad you are enjoying, Christina. The cyclamens are indeed naturalized. I too love the birches. Must see how the photo looks in black and white!

  3. Do enjoy your series of garden visits! Such an atmospheric looking place. The first photo alone says it all :)

  4. Thanks guys. It's a great place and not too far from you!

  5. This looks right up my alley. I'll have to add it my list! And I love the house tours as well! What a gorgeous one at that.


  6. The silver birch garden is lovely as is the old wisteria. Thank you for sharing this lovely garden.