Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Cambridge Botanic Glasshouses

The glasshouses at Cambridge University Botanic Gardens are impressive. Not on the scale of an Eden, Wisley or Welsh National Botanic, but they still hold their own because of the interesting layout. A long corridor runs from one end of the complex to the other, and different rooms open from it, each showcasing a different climate zone. I find this a more intimate way to view the plants, and certainly compared to Eden a lot less overwhelming.

The central corridor

A huge Aeonium

Delightfully glossy foliage

A type of passion flower? Amazing, whatever it is!

More lush foliage


  1. It's a definite must to wander through the glasshouses when visiting CBG. A small tropical haven!

    1. Must be quite a few plants there that you grow in your garden!

  2. What an interesting jungle, marvellous to see pictures ! Thanks.