Saturday, 3 November 2012

Bressingham Gardens

Foggy Bottom, featured in my previous post,is just part of the gardens at Bressingham, developed over many years by the Bloom family. The steam railway runs around the perimeter of the garden. The planting is similar to that in Foggy Bottom, in that conifers are used as architectural fixtures to provide year-round colour, and island beds dominate. The Blooms are credited with bringing island beds into popularity in the 1970s. It takes a particular skill to plant them well so that they look good from all angles - which they definitely do at Bressingham!


  1. Beautiful garden, nice to "visit" with your pictures.

  2. You show us a beautiful garden. Have 2 books of the Bloom family: A plantsman's perspective and Bloom's Best perennials and grasses. Is one of the many gardens on my list when visiting England again the coming yeears.