Thursday, 13 January 2011

The Demon Barber...

I can't wait to get stuck into the garden now. This winter I left most of my perrenials to die back naturally. I'd like to say this was to give birds food for the winter, and wildlife somewhere to take refuge, but the truth of it is I just found it too cold in November! Come February though, I'll be out there cutting back and clearing up. I have to wait until half term to really get stuck in as I'm a full-time Primary School teacher. By the end of February everything seems to need doing at once, and Mum has to come over and help me out. Mum is the World Champion pruner. Plants quake when they see her coming. Where I slowly snip away at old growth like a hairdresser, Mum goes at it like a thing possessed, stripping plants to their underwear in a frenzy of excitement. Yet everything she touches seems to flourish. There's something to be said for the no-nonsense approach. After all, I turned out okay! Hmm...


  1. Can you tell me if you have much of an edible garden?

  2. Martin: Please check out my blog, Maybelline's Garden.

  3. Sure they will all come back great in spring!