Sunday, 9 January 2011

First Garden Visit of 2011

Nymans in West Sussex is one of my favourite gardens, and I'm lucky I can be there in half an hour. Today was the perfect weather for a winter stroll, so after checking the scones were up to standard I embarked upon a leisurely wander around the gardens. Not much in flower, just the odd brave Camellia bud unfurling and a few Daphne flowers, their fragrance only apparent up close. In a few weeks time the Daphne and Sarcoccoca will be wafting along the pathways making visitors turn about trying to identify the source of these divine scents. Anyway, some snaps below...


  1. Wonderful photos Martin, glad the scones were good too!

  2. Glad you got there on a sunny day! Would be more than happy to visit your school when I return from my travels! Charlotte