Thursday, 6 January 2011

Tulate for Tulips?!!

My first bit of gardening for 2011 - planting up some pots of tulips. Now I know it's a bit late, but I'm afraid the bad weather meant I just couldn't / wouldn't venture out to plant them in December. I managed to get some in the borders in November, but I over-ordered (as usual!) so had four bags left unplanted. The thought of trying to chisel out frozen soil from pots was just too much. However, it's been a bit milder in Sussex this week so I was able to brave the elements and whack them in. Will they bloom this year? I hope so - I'll post the pics later in the year! I popped some forget-me-nots on top of the pots for the tulips to grow through so hopefully they'll look quite nice. 


  1. Cross fingers they would! It's still awhile before April, plenty of time for them to settle.

  2. With the crazy weather which appears to be happening all of the world this season, planting late tulips is nothing. I bet they put up the best blooms you have ever seen. Here's hoping anyway.

  3. Tulips can be tricky, but I am sure you still have a good change. I hope they bloom well.