Sunday, 7 August 2011

Guest Garden

Yesterday I paid a visit to my very good friends Sue and Andy in Hastings. I haven't seen them for ages so it was lovely to catch up. As a talented artist, Andy was exhibiting his paintings in an open studios scheme. They live in a fairly small terraced house, but their garden opens out behind the row of terraces in a large L-shape, in quite the most unexpected way, so that you find yourself in an oasis of colour. Both Sue and Andy are very artistic, and this is borne out in the amazing profusion of plants mingled with sculptures and objets d'art. I honestly don't know anyone else who could turn what I see as a piece of junk into something so beautiful! Andy's stunning artwork was displayed in their huge garden studio, but of course it was the garden that must feature here, so here are some snaps:

This looks very English doesn't it!

Sue and Andy let plants self-seed.

An artful arrangement

Believe it or not, a windmill used to stand here!

Junk becomes art in Hastings

Sunflowers stand proud over their surroundings

Every artist's garden needs a Buddha

A nice way to urn a living...

High walls provide privacy

A veg plot to put me to shame!

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  1. Martin, to me this is the quintessential English cottage garden! I really do love your friends yard with all the little artistic vignettes and the vast variety of plants. And it even has a good looking vegetable plot. I don't know how you Brits do it, but you are the number one gardeners in the world! Thanks for this lovely post!