Friday, 5 August 2011

'Well Kept' Nymans

I try to visit Nymans a couple of times a year, the last time being the month I started this blog in fact, way back in January (see entry here). Gone are the Camellia flowers and the scent of Daphne (she really should wash more) to be replaced by overflowing summer borders. There's actually a lot of renovation work going on in the garden at the moment, and perhaps people visiting for the first time would not be so impressed. But the double borders are looking as glamorous as ever. Not for the colour-themed gardener, you have your archetypal annuals at the front, herbaceous at the back, creating the perfect opportunity to view all the flowers. This style is not 'in fashion' at the moment but I think it's stunning in this context. I overheard someone say the borders were 'well kept'. I think that shows no understanding of the work that goes into gardening; I would hate it if all someone could say about my garden was that it is well kept. Still, I'm sure they meant well.....


  1. A rather stunning floral display there Martin, definitely much more than just being 'well kept'. As you said there's a lot of work put into creating and maintaining that display, a sizeable team of gardeners.