Friday, 19 August 2011

Marchants At Its Peak

Many gardens peak in June, but not the garden at Marchants Hardy Plants. Like Sussex Prairies and Merriments (see below), Marchants crescendos through August, remaining at its best until the frosts. The gardens serve as a show garden for the nursery, which is lavishly stocked with perennials and grasses. I've been buying plants here for some years and they have all flourished. Some I haven't seen anywhere else - it really is worth seeking out independent nurseries for plants that the mass-retailers don't stock. As you can see from the photos below, the garden is crammed full of perrenials and grasses, giving it a prairie feel. How lucky I am to have all these gardens within a 30 minute drive of my home! If you'd like to visit, it's just outside the village of Laughton in East Sussex, and you can find out more on the website. 


  1. Martin, another fabulous garden that you are showing us here! I so admire gardens that are still at their best in late summer or even peak at this time of the year. Even more so I admire the smart gardeners, who make this happen ;-)! I was just thinking today before I read your blog that my own garden looks pretty blah right now, especially the backyard and that I have to work on making it more interesting at this time of the year. Thanks for an inspiring post it just came at the right time for me!

  2. Christina,

    I think getting year-round interest is the hardest thing about gardening. Myself, I just concentrate on late Spring and Summer, as I don't get to see my garden in daylight during winter, except for weekends. The garden at Marchants is really only planted for Summer and Autumn interest - it's a tricky balance - do you go for the wow factor and aim for a peak in one season, or go for year-round interest which can sometimes have less impact at any one time. Of course the true masters of gardening seem to be able to achieve a fantastic display for 12 months of the year. Don't you just hate them!!!

  3. Thistles are fantastic, great shot of Cirsium tuberosum! The Eucomis are looking in great shape. Their plant lists look pretty spectacular; you are a lucky devil having this place on your doorstep!


  4. Great shots of the late flowering garden Martin. One of the few pleasures in living in the cooler north is the fact that the garden seems to go on and on looking good when those further south may have burnt out.