Thursday, 11 August 2011

Magical Merriments

You'd be hard pushed to find four acres crammed with more beautiful planting than Merriments in East Sussex. I really like what they are doing there, showcasing plants from their own nursery, and experimenting with colour combinations. The gardens have a traditional feel yet there are some very modern ideas, for example using vegetables as ornamentals, and massed plantings in the 'new perrenial' style. I challenge anyone to visit and not be impressed. I took so many photos on my visit this week, that I've put them together in a little video below - please enjoy!

Some of my favourite shots are also posted below:

In one corner of the garden is a peaceful area where you can observe feeding birds. Only today they were beaten to it by a naughty, but clever, visitor:

If you are in East Sussex and you love gardens, do try to get to Merriments, it really is a wonderful garden.


  1. Martin I thought I was watching GW for a moment there. Absolutely wonderful stuff!


  2. Martin, that is truly a wonderful garden. I can't even think about all the work that a garden of this scale requires... It is so great that some people are able to do it and the others like us can enjoy ;-). Somehow I fell in love with the white dahlias. I guess I need some for my garden for the next year. With sufficient watering they should grow well here in San Diego, too. Thanks for featuring the Merriments Garden.

  3. It's definitely a wonderful looking place Martin! You're so lucky to have so many garden attractions relatively near you :)