Thursday, 8 September 2011

Back to Skool

Oh well, the summer holidays can't last forever, so it's back to work for me. At least it's still light enough at the end of the working day to pop into the garden and have a quick look around. 
My sweet peas were planted late hence the still-impressive display

My Marguerites are on their second flowering

I bought some Arctotis for 50p each in July

The new apple tree has borne fruit - three, to be exact

A Eucalyptus looks caringly down at a Gaura

This late-flowering Scabious has been great value

Sedums enjoy the company of Stipa tenuissima, which I grew from seed four years ago

Dahlias are just getting going

This Dahlia is choosing its time carefully

Have you seen a cuddlier sunflower?!

I will have to take some cuttings of this lovely Lantana

I just love Cosmos.

This beauty is growing on the same plant but has a different colouring

Like the children in my class, my foxgloves are still putting
their hands up and shouting 'Me! Me! Me!'
This is the third flowering for the Centaurea
Pampas flowers are unfurling like horses' tails
Yuk! Not a pleasing colour combination!
That's better, Verbena bon. and Rudbeckias make a classic combination

I think that for September there's quite a bit of colour in the garden. Still to come are the Asters and lots more Dahlias. Just hope the evenings don't get too dark too soon so I can actually see them!


  1. Hehe, was actually thinking that the yuk combination was vibrant and fun! What a fantastic set of blooms you have right now, you must have been working so hard, lovely

  2. Martin, you have a lot of plants flowering in September. Just shows that a good plant selection is key in the garden! I can't believe that you still have Sweet Peas blooming. I really envy you about that! I love the Gaura. This plant is growing here in San Diego, too, and I will plant it in my own garden sooner or later. Wishing you a good start at school!

  3. I really love your Cosmos - mine never look that great - not enough sun in my garden I think. I just planted ny first Stipa tenuissima seeds about an hour ago - I hope mine look as good as yours :)
    Regards, Christine

  4. It's official, I've never seen a cuddlier your crysanth's, but my fear of earwigs that always 'lurk' within means that I shall rely on your gorgeous snaps to view them in all their glory, rather than grow them for myself!!!

  5. How pleasant to have so many plants in flower. And I've never seen a sunflower like it!

  6. What a fantastic looking Sunflower. I really like it. Your Cosmos are so pretty. You have quite a few beauties blooming in your garden.