Sunday, 4 September 2011

Welsh Wonders Part 3

As well as the National Botanic Gardens of Wales, last week's garden visiting also took me to the wonderful Aberglasney. This estate has a fascinating history that stretches back for hundreds of years. In the mid twentieth century the estate was split up and the garden, albeit practically in ruins, was nearly lost. Fortunately an American donor purchased the site so that it could be saved and restored. This restoration programme has brought the gardens back to life over the past ten years or so. I first visited about ten years ago, just at the start of the work, and I can tell you it has been totally transformed.

The famous Yew Tunnel

Penelope Hobhouse designed this part of the garden

In addition to the garden there is a lovely tearoom, and part of the house has been converted into a Ninfarium - more on that next time!


  1. The borders look much better than when I visited at Easter. I wasnt sold much on the garden but loved the Ninfarium

  2. Martin, what a wonderful estate! You have simply too many of those in England ;-)! It is nice to know that someone hopped in and the gardens have been restored and saved, before they were lost for ever. The Yew Tunnel looks like it comes right out of a fairytale.

  3. That Yew Tunnel deserves special mention - wow!