Wednesday, 21 September 2011


I'm not a vegetable grower, but having been given some courgette plants by a pupil in my class in June, I felt I should at least pop them in the ground and see what happens. What a lovely crop I've had, they've been coming thick and fast for over a month now and showing no signs of stopping. Luckily I like courgettes, and I've made good use of them in my cooking. Now I think I will grow them next year. Thanks Olivia!


  1. I might grow these next one in our house likes them but they look like an absolute pleasure to grow & I'm sure I'll find a good home for them...inspired...thank you x

  2. Martin, they sure look delicious! I am not a vegetable grower either, but I would love to get some salad going as the weather cools down here in San Diego.

  3. I adore courgettes and have revelled in the space at a new allotment plot this year and grown 3 plants. Next year I am going to try 3 different varieties - a dark green one, a round yellow one and a pale green one just for the experiment

  4. It's always a treat to visit your site and learn something new. I know this vegetable as zucchini, but courgette sounds much more exotic! Enjoy the flavor!

  5. Courgette, Zuchini... any way you say it, its a favorite Summer taste from our gardens. Love them.

  6. Jane - go for it - if I can grow them anyone can!
    Christina, good luck with the salad!
    Patientgardener, that sounds adventurous, good for you!
    Nittygrittydirtman - glad you like my blog!
    Carolyn, you're right - lovely roasted then topped with melted goats cheese. Mmmm
    TheGardeningBlog - size isn't everything dear!