Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Welsh Wonders Part 4

At Aberglasney, I was surprised and delighted at one of the new innovations installed since my last visit. In 2005, a unique garden was created within the ruinous central rooms and courtyard of the mansion. The remaining walls of the rooms were stabilized and the entire area was covered with a huge glass atrium. This area now contains a wonderful collection of warm temperate and sub-tropical plants including Orchids, Palms, Magnolias and Cycads.

The name Ninfarium was derived from the amazing gardens at Ninfa, which are situated south of Rome. The garden at Ninfa has been imaginatively planted within the ruins of a medieval village.

And here endeth my Welsh Wonders series. Hwyl fawr!


  1. Martin it looks like a glorious adventure was had! Here the combination of tropical plants and those stone ruins is captivating, it just works perfectly. Nice shot of the light on the large leaves!


  2. Martin, what a unique idea to plant a sub-tropical garden in the ruins of the old mansion. The place seem to have something very special. I love tropical plants with big leaves and I feel that the contrast between the lushness of the plants and the old gray stone walls enhances both. Thanks for the photo tour!

  3. I'm enjoying your photologues Martin, especially this one as it's our sort of planting :)