Friday, 15 April 2011

Borromean Islands

Today we undertook the two hour drive to Lake Maggiore, and spent the afternoon island hopping. The Borromean Islands are owned by the wealthy Borromeo family, who started to buy up the islands in the 16th Century. Two of the islands are reknowned for their gardens - and I'll just deal with the first today, as I know we won't be garden visiting tomorrow.

Isola Bella truly lives up to its name - a beautiful mixture of little side streets, promenades, restaurants and cafes, topped off by a huge palace and terraced gardens. The interiors of the palace are sumptuous, and the Italian style gardens are dominated by a huge stone structure dripping with plants and statues. I've never seen anything quite like it! Here it is, together with some other pictures of the palace and gardens.

And of course, here's the 'Toilet Sign of the Day'!

Oh, and here's a friend I made on the boat!

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