Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Villa Monastero

Right next door to Villa Cipressi is Villa Monastero - our final garden for this trip. Similar to Villa Cipressi in a way because of its location, in the way that Glendurgan and Trebah in Cornwall sit side by side, the gardens are considerably larger than its neighbour but no less splendid.

This is the view of Villa Cipressi from Villa Monastero Gardens.

Roses were in full flower.

Wisteria climbing up an Ensete. Or is it the other way round?!?

Grapefruit? Not sure to be honest.

An impressive pair of knockers...

Cercis Siliquastrum (Judas Tree) in full bloom.

So that's it. The party's over, and we're back home tomorrow. My next post will be about how my garden has faired in my absence - good friends have been looking after my seedlings so I expect I'll be pricking out in no time. Ciao!

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  1. I love the lake view of Villa Monastero. The place looks very serene and medieval.

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