Thursday, 7 April 2011

Italy beckons...

Ciao! Off to Italy on Saturday for 11 days, staying in a villa on Lake Como. I'm taking the laptop and hopefully I'll be able to post from there - if the Galloping Gardener can do it then so can I - we'll  see! If I have any technical difficulties I'll have to do a huge post when I get back. Hoping to visit lots of gardens around the Italian Lakes, where I should find lots of tulips, camelias and perhaps the odd azalea and rhododendron. One thing is for sure, I'll be attempting to eat my own body weight in pasta and gelato. Buono!


  1. Do enjoy Italy. I spent a semester in school there and loved it. I would go back anytime. Love the people. Love the art. and the gardens. Look forward to reminders of my stay as I view your posting from Italy. Jack

  2. Sounds like my dream vacation, including eating the pasta & gelato! So I've become a fan to see followup posts :)