Saturday, 23 April 2011

There's No Place Like Home

From sunny Italy to sunny England, with hardly a degree of difference in temperature! It's made it much easier to return to these shores with such lovely weather, and we've got stuck into the garden since we returned on Wednesday night. Plants seem to have doubled in size over the last fortnight. Here's how things look at the moment:

The stony bank is dotted with new plantings of tulips.

The cherry is full of blossom. Soon it will be dropping its petals all over the island bed, which I love.

Blue and pink forget-me-nots intermingle.

The island bed:

The pond-side area is looking good, with Lithodora, forget-me nots, dicentra, heuchera and geranium.

My young lilac is working really hard to produce blooms:

It's so good to see all this energetic growth in the garden. I hope you are enjoying your gardens as much as I am!


  1. Hi Martin, as much as we may enjoy our holidays it is always great to be back home. Your garden is looking great, even up here in Aberdeen the weather has been agreeably unseasonal.

  2. We enjoyed your photologue of your holiday in Italy :)

    Welcome back! Garden's looking good too!