Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Switzerland for a day...

Having visited Lugano about 14 years ago on a choir tour, I was keen to revisit the city, as it's so close to where I'm staying on the Italian Lakes. Back then I hadn't discovered horticulture, so this time I made sure I visited the Parco Botanico San Grato, on a mountain overlooking Lake Lugano. Breathtaking views can be gleaned from this high altitude garden. And there were some unexpected botanical treats.

Davidia Involucrata

In Lugano itself, the local coucil have done the city proud with their roadside and lakeside planting.

I particulary like the combination of pink tulips rising through clouds of pink and blue forget-me-nots. Sorry the picture is not good, it was a busy road and I was not prepared to stand in the middle of it!

Finally, has anyone seen Wisteria climb as high as this?


  1. Just beatiful! Love the pictures of the flowers and the lake in the distance.

  2. Spectacular photos, and the view is breathtaking! The Monkey Puzzle Tree looks majestic too.