Thursday, 14 April 2011

Wisteria Hysteria!

Today I visited two very different gardens - Villa Balbianello and Villa Serbelloni. To get to Balbianello we had to take a water taxi, and it was wonderful when the villa and its gardens loomed up ahead. Even more wonderful was getting in free as National Trust members! The gardens were very Italianate in style - which may seem obvious but many gardens here are in the 'English Style'. Wysteria was draped from every available surface. I had no idea that wisteria was so abundant in these parts - the sight and smell of it will be something I will always associate with this holiday. Beautiful! Anyway, onto the photos, and here are some Wisterical shots of Balbianello:

Even the author was prepared to appear beside some Wisteria and a lovely yellow climbing rose.

Statues keep a permanent watch over comings and goings on Lake Como:

Here are some more snaps of Balbianello:

And of course, the now obilgatory 'Toilet Sign of the Day':

Villa Serbelloni gardens were all about the views. Owned by the Rockerfeller Foundation, the gardens are open for guided visits only, so as not to disturb the various artists, musicians and writers who are permitted to work here for four weeks as a sort of 'inspirational sabbatical'. The views were stunning because they allow you to see all three branches of Lake Como, being high on a hill at Bellagio.

Here are some pictures of the views:

Ciao for today!

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